San Diego Hospice: 858.547.0077 ¦ Costa Mesa Hospice: 714.668-9302 ¦ Riverside Hospice: 951.6393.13333
San Diego Home Health: 858.433.0469 ¦ Costa Mesa Home Health: 714.557.5506 ¦ Riverside Home Health: 951.686.0003
Date Posted: 03/30/2017

There will be an EMR maintenance on April 7, 2017 from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. We request that you refrain from doing your documentation while our EMR is undergoing maintenance.
For clinicians with company laptop, we strongly suggest that you synchronize your EMR before midnight of April 6, 2017 to avoid data loss.

Date Posted: 03/30/2017

We strongly suggest when emailing patient information, please use the email address provided to you by Advantage Health Systems. Sending email from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. are not safe. Emails from those companies are scan for marketing information and they will sell this information to third party marketing company.

Date Posted: 02/06/2017

FYI: There will be a phone service interruption for both branch of San Diego (Home Health and Hospice) on February 13, 2017 Monday at 6:00 am until 10:00 am. Thank you for your cooperation.

Date Posted: 01/06/2017 

FYI: To Field Staff with company laptop, there was an update done today January 6, 2017 to our EMR system. We request that you synchronize first before doing any documentation. Thank you.

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To contact the Back Office, please dial the Office Main Number listed above and extension 270.

FYI: Our Virtual Office will work on computers with Microsoft's Windows 7, 8, and 10 installed. In addition, it will only work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser only. Microsoft Edge will not work with our system. However, there are version of Mac OS and Safari that will work with our system. Please contact the IT Department for more information.

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